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Fortuna e sfortuna dell’ideologia: una breve storia (parte prima)

Roberto Finelli


Università degli Studi di Roma Tre




Abstract: The concept of “ideology” has acquired a complex multiplicity of meanings in the history of modern thought. They range from a positive interpretation of the concept to a profoundly negative interpretation. The first part of this essay illustrates the birth of the term during the late Enlightenment to clarify the three different definitions of ideology present in Marx’s work. In fact, in Marx’s thought ideology moves from a superstructural position to a position in the structure, according to what is treated the theme of Continua a leggere

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L’ideologia francese. Cabanis e Destutt de Tracy oltre Gramsci

Fabio A. Sulpizio


Università del Salento



Abstract: The Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci are today acknowledged as a classic of Twentieth-century social theory, Philosophy and theory of Ideology. This essay proposes to make a contribution to the reflexion upon the French Ideology, namely the philosophy of Destutt de Tracy and Cabanis; Gramsci’s interpretation of Idéologues is the first step towards a new theory of Revolution in opposition to French Revolution.

Keyword: Ideology, Destutt de Tracy, Cabanis, French Revolution, French materialismContinua a leggere

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