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Lukács, Heidegger and Reification

Tom Rockmore

(Peking University)

Abstract: Sometimes very different positions overlap in unsuspected but significant ways. Lukács and Heidegger are important, but dissimilar twentieth century thinkers. Lukács is a Hegelian Marxist, and Heidegger is a post-Husserlian phenomenologist. They share a superficial similarity in their respective predilections for political dictatorship, Lukács for Stalin and Heidegger for Hitler. Yet there is a deeper link since, as Lucien Goldmann pointed out a half century ago, Heidegger’s phenomenological ontology is apparently intended as a response to Lukács’ Hegelian Marxist conception of reification (see Goldmann 1982). This paper will explore this … Continua a leggere

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