La techne medica tra innovazione e anticipazione

Mariannina Failla

Università degli Studi Roma Tre


Abstract: The following words are not meant to be new, and after all they cannot be if we think that the new has “always an ancient heart”, as Carlo Levi wrote in one of his books, bringing out the Jewish meaning of memory as the formation of civil consciousness. If not new, they don’t give up innovative reflections on medical art and therefore on the techne addressed to the human being, understood as a psycho-physical complex and not as a body machine. We want to highlight the precious innovative and, at the same time, forerunner baggage of the Hippocratic school, going into the “ancient heart” of Hippocratic terms, that is, using their etymological genesis. The next pages will be notes, reflections justified by etymological research to give substance to the conviction that it is at the root of the terms that their semantic power is hidden.
Keywords: Hippocratic School; Medical Art; Health; Disease; Despotism; Kairòs; Epilepsy.

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