Tempo dell’urgenza, tempo del dolore, tempo del pensiero: tre volti del presente

Anna Sabatini Scalmati



Abstract: The subject of the article is the influence of social history on the history
of the private, from the ‘discontents’ voiced by Freud to the ‘malaise’ of Kaes. Acceleration of ‘doing’ without limits which, deaf to the interdependence which links the living, leaves in the psiche fears that go beyond the threshold of thought and obscures the sphere of affections. ‘Doing’ which forces human beings, while they are afraid of the faces of their neighbours, the critical thought, blame, troubles and pain, project international space stations and new nuclear bombs. Schism between nature and culture which places humanity at the point of losing the world in order to deal
exclusively with itself.
Keyword: Freud; Civilitation; Civility; Discontents; Nature; Culture.

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