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Volontà del nulla e volontà di verità. Una riflessione sul realismo di Nietzsche

Pietro Gori

(IFILNOVA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Vernet a storm
Abstract: The paper explores the few occurrences of the expression «will to nothingness» (Wille zum Nichts) in Nietzsche’s writings, and its relationship with the notions of  ‘will to truth’ and ‘ascetic ideal’. Aim of this research is to show that these notions are mutually related, and that they outline the objectives of Nietzsche’s late thought. The investigation will focus in particular on the concept of “realism” that appears in Nietzsche’s late writings, and that can be interpreted as an existential attitude towards life that contrasts pessimistic … Continua a leggere

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Equivocità del nulla in Karl Jaspers

Roberto Garaventa

(Università di Chieti-Pescara)

Abstract: This paper analyses the various meanings the word ‘nothing’ assumes in the work of Karl Jaspers: the nothing of nihilism, that is the absence of a horizon of meaning able to give substance to life and activity of man; the nothing of death, which arouses horror and resistance in the concrete individual; the objective nothing, which is unthinkable by man like the simple being; and the nothing of the authentic, transcendent being, which unfolds itself to man in borderline situations and offers him the freedom to exist in an … Continua a leggere

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