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Osservazioni sulla «tavola del nulla» di Kant

Claude Romano

(Université Paris-Sorbonne – Paris IV)

Abstract: The «table of nothing» occupies a prominent role within the Critique of Pure Reason, since it is there that Kant brings into play the very meaning of transcendental philosophy. However, even though the Kantian conception of nothing marks the peculiarity of critical philosophy, the vocabulary that expresses it inexorably invokes the tradition in which Kant works. The text, in fact, unveils its deep bond to Baumgarten’s Metaphysica, to Wolff, as well as to Medieval Scholastics. Such a bond marks Kantian philosophy in a twofold way: it … Continua a leggere

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“Questa testa di Medusa dentro”. Politiche della delegittimazione ne ‘Il dissidio’ di J.-F. Lyotard

Sergio Alloggio

Abstract: This article constitutes the second part of the essay “‘This head of Medusa within’: Politics of delegitimation in Jean-François Lyotard’s The Differend”, the first part of which was published in «Consecutio Temporum», no. 3, 2012. I begin by investigating Lyotard’s organic approach to Kant and argue that from the Critique of Pure Reason to Kant’s political works, Lyotard’s reading is wrought through the phrasal dispositif which illuminates how a politics of delegitimation takes place between Lyotard and Kant. Within Lyotard’s reading of Hegel the phrasal dispositif is made to engage with its inverted Continua a leggere

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