Les sources lippmanniennes du probléme néolibéral de la démocratie: la démocratie “reconstruite“ de ’34

Arnaud Milanese


ENS de Lyon, TRIANGLE UMR 5206





Abstract: In the abundant literature on Lippmann’s neoliberalism in 1937, several studies have already examined the democratic model of The Good Society. The literature is even more abundant on the conception of democracy that arises from the Dewey-Lippmann Debate. But surprisingly, few studies look at the relation between both, and at the importance of The Method of Freedom (1934) to understand it. Written in the early years of the New Deal, this text nevertheless offers an accurate view of the long-term Lippmannian thoughts on democracy (since the 10s) and the way Lippmann adjusted it to the new political and economic context of the 1930s. This study would like to help fill this gap. In fact, we discover, in 1934, the bases of a discourse on democracy which quickly permeated several neoliberal corpuses.

Keywords: Government, laissez-faire, economic policy, market, crisis

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