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Linguaggio, ideologia e (ri)produzione: da Gramsci e Rossi-Landi alla ‘Fabbrica 4.0’

Matteo Pirazzoli & Lorenzo Lodi

Scuola Normale Superiore


Scuola Internazionale di Alti Studi “Scienze della Cultura”- Fondazione San Carlo



Abstract:The fundamental connection which Gramsci identifies among social praxis, language and consciousness has a common thread with the analysis of social reproduction, sign systems and ideology by Rossi-Landi. The thought of these authors is explored here, highlighting its roots in the Marxist tradition and its relations to Lukàcs’ understanding of the ‘ontology of social being’. Then, aiming to illustrate the fruitfulness and actuality of such theoretical framework, the reflections of Gramsci and Rossi-Landi are … Continua a leggere

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Anatomia della nazione. Dalla formula trinitaria alle forme della produzione di popolazione

Francesco Aloe

Chiara Stefanoni


Università di Bergamo




Abstract: Following Althusser and the Neue Marx Lektüre’s approach to Marx’s critique of political economy, this article aims to reconstruct the structural anatomy of capitalist societies, showing, alongside the forms of use-value production, the necessary emergence of specific social forms of population production process along lines of race, gender and species. The analysis of the Trinity Formula shows how labour and capital appear in this enchanted world as equally necessary so much so that they constitute the anatomy of that “imaginary community” called the nation. Continua a leggere

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Is Naturalism an Ideology?

Thomas J. Spiegel


Universität Potsdam




Abstract:This paper argues that naturalism has a special logical status that differentiates it from other philosophical perspectives. Such a peculiar status can be grasped particularly by the expressions of the “worldview” and “ideology”. Indeed, naturalism is not just a purely philosophical thesis, but rather a current of thought that is interwoven in cultural and social processes in an unusual manner for a philosophical debate. The article proceeds as follows. Part 1 reconstructs the concept of naturalism as scientific naturalism, which can be shared both by proponents and opponents … Continua a leggere

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Il luogo neutrale: critica di un’ideologia della conoscenza

Giulia Bergamaschi

Università degli studi di Roma Tre




Abstract: This essay aims to portray and criticize the ideologic background that encompasses some current ways of thinking and, specifically, debating, that we can see spread among the public discourse. These modalities refer to the concept of neutrality. We want to represent a particular way of describing, thinking, and justifying the knowledge through a broad conception of neutrality: neutrality of the source – which can be a person or pieces of evidence; neutrality of the intentions – knowledge does not take sides, thus the supposed Continua a leggere

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Art between Knowledge and Ideology. The Place of Ideology in Materialist Histories and Theories of Art

Jeremy Spencer


Camberwell College, University of the Arts London



Abstract:This essay deals with the art and ideology relation theoretically and historically. It considers how the relation was conceived in the work of Marxist scholars of art and culture and in Althusserian Marxism. The focus is the theorisation of this relation and this relation as the foundation for a political aesthetics and a critique of discipline of art history. This paper addresses the specificity of the art history that emerged from this relation as a methodological approach and the claim that its foregrounding enables us … Continua a leggere

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