Crise, discordance des temps et strate

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7406949

 Nicolas Piqué 

 Université Grenoble Alpes


Crisis, Time Discordance and Stratum
Abstract: The analysis of the notion of crisis leads to an alternative: to recognize it as an unsurpassable characteristic reality of modern temporality or, on the contrary, to see it only as a moment of continuous temporality. From the works of historians, the notions of time discordance and rupture will be analyzed as symptoms of a discontinuous modern temporality, making the crisis a fundamental and unsurpassable characteristic. In this theoretical framework, the notion of stratum will appear as the outcome capable of accounting for the impossible unification of times to which the crisis testifies. 
Keywords: Crisis; Discordance; Rupture; Stratum; Temporal Regimes. 

Questa voce è stata pubblicata in Monografica IV - Epistémologies de la crise : entre modernité et post-modernité, NUMERO 12. Contrassegna il permalink.

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