La natura giuridica della cosa secondo il giovane Marx. Casualità, necessità e libertà negli articoli del 1842-1843

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7407003

 Guido Alimena 

 Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Università di Teramo


Jenny von Westphalen, moglie di Karl Marx

The Legal Nature of the Thing according to the Young Marx. Casualty, Necessity and Freedom in the Articles of 1842-184
Abstract: The concept of the nature of things is at the heart of the young Marx’s philosophy of law. In his articles of 1842-1843, the expression juristische Natur der Sache alludes to an ontological and rational structure of law from which the legislator cannot deviate. The law will concretely be a universal and rational form when it reflects the nature of the thing, its essence, that is, man’s freedom in each of its particular spheres. But for this to happen it is not enough to observe the development of the thing. Its inner essence must be realised in social life through the co-operation of men. And it is always the things nature that points this way. The concept under consideration can therefore be considered a central theme in the study of Marx’s early thought. 
Keywords: Nature of Things; Universal Form; Rational Form; Freedom; Species-being. 

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