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Riconoscimento e gratitudine. Sulla critica di Paul Ricoeur a Axel Honneth

Miguel Giusti

Abstract: Probably the most interesting contribution of the last book that Paul Ricoeur left us before his death, The Course of Recognition (Parcours de la reconnaissance), lies in the concept of “course” (“parcours”), which is proposed in order to understand the problem of recognition. In this sense, first of all, we will remember the stages this proposal goes through, highlighting its originality and novelty. In a second moment, we will study the point of arrival of this course, since it is precisely there where Ricouer discusses and criticizes Axel Honneth’s conception, with the aim of Continua a leggere

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“Questa testa di Medusa dentro”. Politiche della delegittimazione ne ‘Il dissidio’ di J.-F. Lyotard

Sergio Alloggio

This article is the first part of a two-part essay that approaches Lyotard’s masterpiece Le différend aiming at a structural reconfiguration of the book itself. The second part of the essay will appear in the next issue of Consecutio temporum. As a general introduction to the Lyotardian emphasis on judgment, I use a self-absolutory confession made by Derrida in his Before the Law, a confession on the decisive role played by judging in Derrida’s own deconstructive enterprise as a whole. The Differend is then genealogically analyzed to show how a specific ontology, epistemology and Continua a leggere

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