Habitus, monade e armonia. Alcuni nodi leibniziani nel pensiero di Pierre Bourdieu

Miriam Aiello

 Università degli Studi Roma Tre (aiello.mir@gmail.com) 


Abstract: The article is a contribution to the analysis of some of the many Lebnizian themes that have contributed to animate and shape the structure of Pierre Bourdieu’s social theory. In particular, the article examines some elements of contact and affinity between the Bourdieusian concept of habitus and the Leibnizian concept of monad, as well as between the system of the correspondence between first- and second-order objectivity developed by Bourdieu and the model of harmony theorised by Leibniz.
Keywords: Bourdieu; Leibniz; Habitus; Monad; Harmony.

Questa voce è stata pubblicata in NUMERO 11, Varia. Contrassegna il permalink.

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