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L’esposizione come ideologia del contemporaneo. Riflessioni a partire da Gramsci

Marco Gatto


Università della Calabria




Abstract: The article explores the concept of “exposition” to underline the ideological structure of contemporary capitalism, conceived as a processual totality. The aim is to demonstrate the paradoxical condition of ideology’s criticism under late capitalism, with the proposal of reconsidering totality as the only one way to understand advanced postmodernity. Starting from Gramsci, the article moreover offers a reflection on the fate of dialectical thought in a world completely dominated by a theoretical immanence without depth.

Keywords: Postmodernism, Criticism, Totality, Gramsci, IdeologyContinua a leggere

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L’ideologia fra religione e mito. Per un itinerario storico-concettuale nei Quaderni del carcere di Antonio Gramsci

Alessio Frau


Università degli studi di Cagliari




Abstract: The essay tries to find a path in the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci in order to highlight the meaning of the concept of ideology in contrast with the concept of religion set up by Benedetto Croce and, at the end, of the concept of myth set up by Georges Sorel. Specifically, following the most up-to-date philological research, the paper analyses diachronically the gramscian notes together with the epistolary exchange between Gramsci, his sister-in-law Tatiana Schucht and his friend and comrade Piero Sraffa, written during Continua a leggere

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Antonio Gramsci e le scienze sperimentali

Camilla Sclocco




Abstract:This article reconstructs the conception of experimental sciences elaborated by Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks, by means of the diachronic and historicist criteria laid out by the new season of Gramscian studies opened by the activities of the National Edition of Gramsci’s works. The first paragraph investigates the historical and cultural reasons involved in the little attention for Gramsci’s reflections on sciences and traces some passages referring to the history of Italian intellectuals between the second postwar period and the 1960s. It is found that the first interpretations in the 1950s Continua a leggere

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