Tra margini e subalternità. Una chiave politica gramsciana per pensare il mezzogiorno

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10283627

Giacomo Tarascio 

Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo” (; ORCID: 0009-0004-2898-7801).



Trough Margins and Subalternity. A Gramscian Political Key to Think about the South of Italy 

Abstract: The idea of subaltern groups is one of the most notable Gramscian concepts that has become part of the global historical-political lexicon, and not only that: the work on the Southern Question has been integrated into the broader discourse of the Global South. If these new views, on the one hand, had the merit of spreading some of the key terms from Quaderni del carcere beyond Italy, on the other hand they had the effect of depoliticising and historicising the potential topicality of Gramiscian thought. Global readings of Gramsci have developed to the detriment of more specific aspects concerning the Mezzogiorno and the idea of «subaltern social groups»: consider, for example, the change in direction carried out by the Subaltern Studies in rereading the relation between hegemony and subalternity under a dichotomous light. The conception of subalternity outlined by Gramsci cannot be separated from his Marxism, as it is precisely within hegemony that the subaltern classes can reaffirm the non-synchronicity and thus show the multiplicity of the lines of historical movement. Hegemony for Gramsci thus assumes a strategic character, where the analysis of power coincides with its critique. The aim of this contribution is to relocate the concept of subalternity within the philosophy of praxis, thus unfolding the political potential of Gramscian reflections. It will be thus possible to ascertain not only the political topicality, but also how Gramsci’s ideas on the Mezzogiorno can still provide insights for renewed perspectives of analysis. 
Keywords: Subalternity; Gramsci; South Italy; Subaltern Studies; Postcolonial Studies. 

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