Nelle pieghe del soggettivo. La trama longitudinale e trasversale dello psichico

Rossella Bonito Oliva

Università degli Studi l’Orientale di Napoli

Abstract: Philosophy of the Subjective Spirit is an important theme in Hegel’s work. It thoroughly permeated his studies: a matter of continuous reworking in its specific subject. It is recalled in the philosophies of law, religion, history, and in the science of logic. Each of these moments, from soul to spirit, from unconscious to spirit, requires the philosopher’s observation and attention. It is not about creating a hierarchy or a progression, but rather observing an open scene, in which adventures and misadventures of Subjectivity evolve. This activity involves exploring a depth that goes beyond the mere subjectivity, and the individual’s psychology. It is movement and stillness at the same time. Once again it’s about weaving speakable and unspeakable, conscious and unconscious, temporary and ageless, processes and blocks. Only by dialectically crossing the regions of unconsciousness, preconscious, conscious, and intelligent life form’s collective process of determination that we can translate the other from the spirit to other of the spirit.
Keywords: Subjectivity; Soul; Spirit; Mythology of Reason; Philosophy of Subjective Spirit.

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