Ucraina: il bambino conteso

Anna Maria Sassone



Abstract: The author, drawing on her own experience as a psychoanalyst, focuses in a few lines on the dynamics peculiar to all conflicts, both personal and collective. She assumes a reading in which the internal and external worlds reflect each other, just as the universal reflects the personal. Wars, all wars, starting with the war in Ukraine, should be approached in the same way as a child disputed by parental ‘superpowers’, by considering and understanding the reasons of all the parties involved in order to avoid any form of totalitarian Manichaeism. Children caught up in conflicts risk not
realising that they are actually serving the will to power of this or that parent. The war is not about who ‘wins’ the child but between the parents who use the child to wage war on themselves. As long as the movements of the psyche do not enter the field of collective awareness, no form of real pacification will be able to prevail over the games of force always fuelled by the use of weapons, real or metaphorical.
Keywords: Ukraine-War; Manicheism; Internal World; Collective Awareness; Metaphorical Weapons.

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